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9 Supersonic Warplanes

Today the list is pretty fast! We’re going to tell you about all the incredible warplanes, from ghosts, supersonic planes, stolen technologies to the most secret projects. Take your places and get ready for the flight.


SAAB VİGGEN FİGHTER jet aircraft designed by Saab has been produced for 20 years. The jet is suitable for all weather conditions. That means snow storms are coming at him. The turbofan engine has a very high landing and take off capability. You can land on a small street or take off from there quickly.


This jet aircraft, which has a rather long name, belongs to the US Air Force. Only 2 prototypes were produced, black and white. It has wings with interesting design and thus can reach 1.8 mach speed, ie supersonic speed. However, the project was canceled due to the lack of sufficient waste and the cost of production. We’re going to see him further down the list.



The supersonic jet aircraft began to be produced by the Soviet Union in the 1990s. The feature that separates him from other jet planes, the wings that are pushed to the rear. The fact that the wings are left behind is both a plus and a negative feature. However, because the excess pressure is loaded on the wings, it has to be produced from a much more expensive material.


Aircraft was introduced by French manufacturer Dassault in 1961. It was first used by Israel as an army aircraft. Argentina, Pakistan, Australia and India by the army, which is included in the army, various additions still continue to be used.


This famous fighter has a more familiar name, “Warthog”. It was developed specifically for the task of providing air support near ground troops. It is called a tank destroyer. Because it can directly attack the armored vehicles and tanks. He’s doing it with the ball. The ball with 7 barrels can throw 2100-4200 rounds per minute. The sound of the engine resembles a subtle whistling sound, so no one can notice it until it’s in close proximity.


Although it was produced in 1961, it is a long-range strategic bomber that is currently in service in the US Air Force. It has variable geometry blades and can reach high speeds at low altitudes. Thanks to its sensitive radars, it has navigation and bombardment features all over the world without the need for extra information. It is therefore difficult to detect by the enemy.


Also known as ghost aircraft. Interesting design is the only bomber of its kind. The wingspan is 54 meters 2 meters long and 21 meters long. It looks almost like a horizon with its appearance. The aircraft, which has only 2 crew members, can reach 1020 kilometers with 4 turbo fan motors. The reason he is called a ghost plane is that it cannot be seen on any radar.


Produced by J31 China, this aircraft is produced by playing F35 technologies according to many authorities. The dual-engine is a 5th generation multipurpose fighter aircraft with 1.8 mach, which can reach 2200 kilometers per hour. The only disadvantage is the capacity of the aircraft to land on aircraft carriers. The missiles placed under the wing make it visible on the radar, and therefore can be seen by the enemy


The American air force is known as the world’s most important jet plane. Although there is a purchase demand from many countries, its technological features are not exported to avoid duplication. The maximum take-off weight is approximately 36 tons and can reach 2.25 Mach. It can reach approximately 2,760 Km / H per hour. It has missiles and rockets that can shoot from air to air and from air to land.

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