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All About Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking is still a state of sleep disorder, which can lead to frightening consequences that human beings cannot fully find.

When we dream, our brain prevents us from moving all our organs by paralyzing them. However, if the brain is doing this function is missing, then we are exposed to an effect that we cannot define as human beings. Some sleepers in the world can be so terrible that some of these people who seem to be ordinary people in their daily lives may have to connect with chains at night during sleep. Because these extreme cases, people can take a step into a New Life to close their eyes to rest and make evil out of the millet.

Now let you transfer some of the events to you;


Year 2012 Turkish media Cemal Delibaş, a person who is focused on a subject, expects 6 years to marry his wife in their sleep, drowning him in his sleep. The court said that he might have done this in a dream and that he loved his wife very much. Experts agreed that this could happen. however, as a result of long-term tests and observations, the court sentenced Celal delibaş to prison.


On May 23, 1987, a young man, Kenneth Park, in Canada, got up from his bed in the middle of the night. He stopped in his wife’s family’s house, killing his mother-in-law and severely skanking his father-in-law. “I think I did something bad,” he said.

No sleepwalker can remember what he did. Yes they are aware of something But these things can not make sense. In court, everyone had a single question in his mind Kenneth how many miles in the way of the road went on.

Interestingly, sleep experts say that sleepwalkers can do much more than drive cars. Even helicopters have been seen.

Now let’s come to an interesting event;

The hero of our event is a very successful Detective who lived in the 19th century named Robert Ledru. One day, the Paris police consulted ledru for the resolution of a murder case. Ledru leading to the seaside, only realizing that there were only two proofs. 1 bullet of the same type used by the same ledro, and the foot of a cut foot that belongs to the killer in the sand.

Ledru, this situation is shocked. Because the toe had a toe in an accident when he was small. Even more interesting part was that in the morning he was awakened by a wet sock. Ledru immediately reported the situation to the French police and said he had done something strange in his sleep.

Finding the detective’s theory rational, the police decided to do a little experiment, close him to a cell, and observe what would happen at night

In the evening, Ledru really starts to wake up and move inside the cell.

Officers decide to put a black on the day. They took the gun and fired at the headman on his head. Ledru did not receive any penalty. but the rest of my life outside the city on a farm to prevent damage to others.

This drowsiness case is involved in crocodiles James curran has been quite a sleepwalker for many years. However, this happened to him at the age of 77 in 1998, this was the worst experience. James gets up from his bed in a night and sets off with a stick in his hand towards a nearby pond. When he rejoins, he finds himself entangled in a swamp in the pond. But he is surrounded by crocodiles … James, who tries to protect himself from hers and his stick, starts to scream for help and with the presence of those around, he survives the event with minor abrasions.

But who is more sleepwalking?

The same is a common discomfort in twins. sleepers act with their memories, not their eyes. It is more common in boys. Genetically transmitted by generations, it is known that those who suffer from this disease can do anything they do in normal life. They can play the instrument, cook, car, or even send messages to their ex-girlfriends. In different cases, it has been seen that sleepwalking individuals can do things that they cannot do while they are conscious.

According to some studies, sleepwalkers do not feel pain. Those who suffer physically during their movements feel most of the pain after waking up in the morning. In fact, one in five children is a sleepwalker

However, after reaching adulthood, this rate decreases to 1%. Especially if children grow up in a problematic family, the incidence of this disorder is higher.

Are you squeezing your teeth in your sleep?

If you speak, grumbling teeth in your sleep, you may be a sleepwalker. There is no harm in waking up a sleepwalker. But what you need to pay attention to is that it will be astonished when that person wakes up to explain the situation to him.

# Next to the murder of an engineer and the mormon priest. The hormones usually live in America as a marginal sub-group built into Christianity with an introvert life. but one night, the priest stabbed his wife 44 times and threw it into the pool of their home. But he still says he doesn’t remember anything, that he’s asleep.

– One night, the police in the United States denounce that suicide. The reporter says that a young girl stands at the top of a crane about 40 meters high and that she is about to commit suicide. Firefighters and police teams to the scene immediately intervene, but when they climb to the top of the crane encounter a strange situation. Because they have a girl who is 15 years old and sleeps. The family said that the girl who survived a great danger had a very long history of sleepwalking. How the young girl was climbing up on the crane while she was sleeping Jesus is still a big curiosity …

# Now we want to tell you a little bit weird and a little funny. Anna was a very uncomfortable woman from her overweight and insisted on strict diets to lose weight. Despite the fact that in all the strict diet programs and the halls of gyms, Anna’s weight loss occurs after a while, the dietician also caught the attention. But the secret of this work has solved his wife … Because there were times when he betrayed his wife’s diet.

Anna was a sleepwalker. At night he was waking up to eat all the chocolates at home and the cakes. The dangerous part was that Anna not only ate the food at home, but he also used the gas stove in the house to cook it.

The history of sleepwalking

As the cases of sleepwalking throughout history could not be identified by humans, the sign of vampirism was seen as magic or witchcraft. Because a sleepwalker can do very unusual things. He may even come and chat with you for hours, but his eyes are colorless and dull.

If you were to go to sleep 100 years ago in those years, you would probably be burned to death with the charge of witchcraft iniz

Experiments have shown that they can be guided by certain suggestions. For example, when a sleepwalker’s face is shed Light can actually perceive it as a fire. This is due to our brain’s effort to make sense of what we have experienced during sleep. If he is attacking a sleepwalker, he may see that he is probably protecting himself in his dream, or that a sleepwalker speaks in different languages ​​that the sleeper has no knowledge of.

In most of the vampirism cases recorded in the past centuries, we know that sleepwalkers share. Fortunately there is a great deal of treatment and can be resolved in a short time when discovered in childhood.

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