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Ancient Alien Society: Anunnans

Egypt, Sumerian, Mayan, China k All the ancient civilizations have similar figures in their religious cults. The Gods, which are offered gold and food, are portrayed as half human and half animals. But nevertheless, there was no possibility of being the same beings, except that they were all similar. Some modern tablets of the Sumerians, an advanced civilization, have emerged to the extent that the modern civilizations are believed to have been seeded, until they are read about a series of strange beings, called çık Anunnaki “in Sumerian texts, meaning derec The Faithful Fifties Ta.

In the texts, it is mentioned that the beings from the sky teach people what they do not know and in return they receive gold, food and precious metals. In fact, these beings descend into the world at certain times, they return to change the order again. Be ready to be amazed!

The Sumerians were highly knowledgeable in astronomy. In other words, by distinguishing planets and stars, they were able to observe their movements. There is a seal used by Sumerian rulers and a signature. A depiction of the solar system on the seal, which had been processed 5-6 thousand years ago, but with a small difference; The number of planets is more than we know. The planet which is seen as too much is mentioned as the place where Anunnakis live. Perhaps the Sumerians were able to know the things we could only discover in recent years, even with today’s technology, through the Anunnake from this planet. In fact, the Sumerians were the civilizations that found the article, the legal system, the government and the assembly, the wheel, and many other types of drugs. According to those who wrote in the texts, they owe their advancement to the Genious Fifties, the information provided by the Anunnakis.

The interesting part is the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia. So today Iraq, Syria and Turkey had lived in the area includes a portion of. Nevertheless, we do not meet here with the fact that the Anunnak people. The Mayan civilization, which lives thousands of miles away in America and has many mysteries, is equally similar and amazing.

Archaeologists found some strange sculptures during the excavations on the American continent. Although the sculptures belonged to thousands of years ago, they had astronauts used today. Do you think they can be described as imaginary? Which dreamer can draw astronauts, earplugs or eyeglasses so prominent in the future? It seems that these beings from outside the world have appalled the societies they have suffered and people have accepted them as gods.

The traces of the Anunnakes in the world are not limited to the Sumerian and Mayan Civilizations. Again in South America, it is in a bizarre way known as bilinen Naska Signs leri and today’s Annunaki depictions. The shapes are enormous. These figures, drawn to the middle of the deserts and to the summits of the high mountains, were made to address the beings in the sky. The most interesting part is; The naska signs look exactly like the Anunnaki depictions in the Sumerian and Mayan civilizations. Isn’t it interesting that civilizations so far from each other address the beings of the heavens with the same thought?
And in all civilizations, the depictions of God were made in the form of half-human and half-animals in a manner similar to the Anunns, and all civilizations with these beliefs were the most advanced societies of their time.

In all these civilizations such as Egypt, Sumerian and Mayan civilizations, we see that the gods are often devoted to food and gold. In Egyptian civilization, there are many depictions of gold and food being presented to gods in the form of semi-human-half animals.
And why were the Anunnans born? This question has been puzzling the heads for a long time, and the writers in the Sumerian texts have an explanation. According to the texts described in the texts on the planet where the Anunnakis lived, they chose the world because the gold was too little. We know that gold is a method of scientific use. For example; to protect the planet from the harmful rays of the sun, the treatment of diseases and the fastest conductor known as the bottom of the heat and radiation levels, such as adjusting for many different purposes may have wanted to obtain.

Scientifically, we know today that heavily reduced gold dusts can form a layer of ozone-like atmosphere, which can protect the planet from many negative influences, such as the sun’s harmful rays. Even today, similar studies are carried out around the world and even gold is a new discovery that it has effects such as treating the human organism and correcting certain ailments. Considering such reasons, it is highly acceptable that the Anunnakis who teach many things to humanity according to the texts come for gold. Already according to the text, the Anunnakes have an incredibly long life and they get it through gold.

The Sumerians offered gold and plenty of food to the gods. The same belief exists in Egyptian civilization and in the Mayans. In fact, the Egyptian pharaohs, perhaps the way they learned from the Anunnaki, asleep while wearing a golden mask, and in their daily lives, gold dust on their body. The preparation of the pyramids, which are the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, according to the order of the stars and the planets, may also have a connection with the Anunnakis, known as the Fallen Gents. What is interesting is that archaeologists discovered finds from the 3000s around the millennium that gold was removed around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, 5000 years ago. And what would a society that invented the wheel have been doing with these golds? more importantly, where did the tons of gold be removed?


This is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of Egyptian history. 3. In this document, which contains the testament of Ramesses, the ruler’s last request for the heir of the throne is included. The document is a map of the mines where the gods extract gold and copper. The archaeologists went to the place described on the map. There were indeed ancient mines here, but they found no trace of gold.
The investigations gave such striking results that scientists could not believe their eyes. But the gold in the ancient mine was removed when there were not even the old Egypt tens of thousands of years ago, and Anunnaki researchers put forth the following thesis on these results; ”Someone has emptied the inside of our planet a lot before humans.“


If you see these scars from Turkey. It is known as the Phrygian Valley. The traces continue for several kilometers in a certain symmetry and are so distinctive that archaeologists were sure that they were driving. But in the examination, it turned out that the traces belonged to 15 million years ago. It’s more of a time than anyone’s guess. And the same scale with the same marks not only in Turkey; There are even in Malta, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Even his centimeter has an incredibly harmonious line. Did they bring many precious metals, especially gold, in the Sumerian texts, Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Maya drawings? Could be.

Incredibly, we will encounter another reality you will be very surprised with. In the Sumerian texts, the Anunics refer to mines where a blue stone emerges from the disease. Read this place carefully. When a mining company started working in Africa to remove Uranium in the 70s, they found that the uranium content was much lower than expected. Such an outcome was impossible. Because the calculations were made perfectly. Soon after investigating whether the uranium had been removed from here, mining companies, millions of years ago, they discovered that the uranium reserves in the region were consumed. How could that be? Millions of years ago, who wants to get uranium? But more interestingly, the point where these mines are located is one of the routes of the Anunnake in the Sumerian texts. This fact even the archaeologists had their hair cut. The blue stone, which was mentioned in the texts, was described and spreading disease, was the uranium found in this mine.

According to the Sumerian texts, the Anunics are coming back to the world every few thousand years to meet their specific needs. Each time they come, the new information they teach, sheds light on humanity.


For example, this historical monument is found in the forests of Colombia and is thought to have belonged to about 6000 years ago. Incredibly, archaeologists have analyzed the developmental process of the fetus on one side of the disc and the division of the cells on the other side of the disc. 6000 years ago in South America, for what purpose could they have done this? Similar information about genetics is also present in Sumerian texts. Scientists do not know who is called Anunnakis, which is called the Ancient Aliens. But the fact that the signs are visible all over our planet and that it has become an almost indestructible thesis will continue with the Anunnak people staying in wonder.

And maybe some of it never went. According to the Sumerian texts, some of the Anunics remained in the world, and they continue to live as semi-human semi-alien beings, known as the Reptilian.

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