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Back Side of Podiums

Stepping into the glittering world of catwalks embellishes the dreams of many young people, but the world behind the scenes is not in the tabloid press, or in front of the cameras. Here are the shocking facts that told the mannequins of the world of fashion.

The difficulties of those in the Fashion World appear after a while and many say that they are being used as an article and are faced with harassment. Kylie Bisutti, one of the Victoria’s Secret models, created the event in 2013 with a book about her life in the fashion world. After saying goodbye to his profession, he started to live like a Christian in his religion. Bisutti in his book; I was 16 years old when I was told that all the models needed to be posed topless when it came to the place.

It is quite clear in his book stating that he has immoral offers. Moreover, fashion has to be consistently perfect for many people to be constantly. Henriette Hömke, a German model who ate little to lose weight, lost her life from 63 kilos to 40 kilos.

Miss International 2013 has lost her kidneys when she wanted to slim in a beautiful city of Santiago, Philippines. The famous model is now connected to the dialysis machine.

Turkey was one of the most famous models that bear more hardships Burcin Bircan fall. Although he had great success, he experienced severe psychological problems. Eventually he died from overdose.

Bria, the daughter of the famous actor Eddie Murphy, participated in a modeling competition in the USA in 2009. According to Bria Murphy, young girls swallowed the cotton soils they were soaking in the juice to stay slim. This is actually a method used by many models in the fashion world to feed without weight. According to experts, however, this is certainly a harmful application that could lead to fatal consequences.

The understanding of the 0-size model created by the fashion industry causes especially young girls to see their bodies as problematic and to bring weight loss to illness. When anorexia becomes a deadly disease, its salvation is quite difficult. Age and paint Incompatible weight, weight gaining weight and not eating, weakening of the bones and rapid fracture may cause disruption in growth and irregular heart rhythm.

Anorexia began to interest the world in 2006 with the death of two Brazilian and uruguay models. In 2010, the French model Isabella Caro fell to 25 kilograms, killing her with anorexia nervosa.

Although the body mass index of the models is not an official data, the index is generally accepted as a minimum of 18 or 18.5. Israel, Italy and Spain have introduced such weight limitations and regulations to the models. Body mass index or determined minimum measurements are tried to prevent excessive weakening of the models.

Being left hungry, working at child age, sexual harassment and inhumane working hours are not the conditions under which a tribe survives this enslavement, but the other side of the luminous fashion world and catwalks.

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