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Have you ever thought about how the billionaires spent time on the Internet? Like everyone, Facebook, Instagram use and amazondan are thinking you’re wrong.


This is a shopping site where you can find zero or second hand luxury things. The website sells mansions, luxury cars, jewelery and more. Established in 2008, the site claims to be the world’s largest luxury shopping site and is used by 25,000 people daily. Among the most expensive things sold on the website is the $ 260 million overhead of an island, and the 2017 model Bugatti Chiron is sold at $ 4,000,000.


Sit It’s boring to be rich if no one sees you, m he says. This place is rich in Instagram. If you have a Facebook account here you can also be a member, but if you want to share or like to share, then you have to be a private member and you have to pay 1000 Euros per month for private membership. In this way, the site is not really rich users are being extracted. On the site you can see the children of the Arab sheikhs and the rich Emir Bahadir from the Turks.


This site is a matchmaking site only used by millionaires. So briefly luxury Tinder. Do the billionaires have no right to find the love of their lives? This is the purpose of the site … Mutual riches. monthly earnings of the members according to the site at least 1 million dollars. They are not required to be a member, but they will confirm your membership after that.


This is a luxurious consulting site. If you have money but your imagination is limited, the site helps you. They can find the best artworks for you, or bring in special artists for your birthday party. Or you want to go last minute and you can find a fully packed restaurant for you. There are at least $ 60,000 service fees for these transactions and you can only subscribe to the site by invitation. So you must know another billionaire who is a member of the site.


Not every billionaire has to be a private jet because they can rent it through this site whenever they want. A kind of rich version of uber. From here you can rent a private jet helicopter or seaplane. You are sent to the nearest point where you are and you can fly to the concert or concert in this way. The request for this service is $ 2500 per person.


Now the rich have Facebook. On this application you specify your current location and near future travel plan. Other billionaires using this application can see you and arrange a family business or entertainment options. This application makes it easy for rich people to meet with other rich people.


While looking for a home, the rich are not looking for 2 + 1 rent from Hürriyet Emlak. For them, this site is available in luxury homes for sale or rent from all over the world. Sothebys is one of the most famous real estate companies. The price of the cheapest flour of the existing houses on the site is more than the average person can earn during his or her life. Still, it’s free to look at the site if you want to enter and dream.


Home search site is also a private island search site Why not? From this site you can see and buy islands for sale around the world. You can also rent for a certain period. For example, the island called Horse Island in Ireland costs around $ 7 million. This Ada purchase rental site is now the last limit of luxury service.

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