Real Pirate Lives You Don’t See in Movies

The rules in piracy are very simple; If you’re looking for a life without parties, riches, no rules, piracy is exactly for you.

The pirate images shown in the movies are actually a little different from the reality.

It was one of the musts of pirates with its long lasting lifespan and the cheapest drink according to the alcohol content. In fact, the crew did not leave the rum, the crew members were dismissed with the rebellion, even during the rebellion was executed sometimes.

Another reason why alcohol was indispensable for pirates was that there was usually nothing else on board. Sometimes months of piracy voyages during the average 40-person crews of a food may not be enough salted meat made of pork, probably the most common pirate food with fish. Long life and long consumption period, dried meat was the factor that makes favorite.

Another fire is pirated food. These Sweet And Hard breads were made using only Wheat and water, and the crackers that were cooked like bricks were incredibly intense, and the pirates eat pieces of cracked pieces with pieces of punches. It was not only pirates who immediately loved the bread, which was as hard as a sailor’s iron. Wheat lice also loved this bread. The crew bread was in the dark to avoid disgust. They ignored the wheat lice at night. Because these lice do not harm the human body, at least physically.

The gastronomic problems like the nose had a great impact on the wealth that pirates were looking for when plundering other ships. Of course, gold, jewelry and human prisoners could not be ignored. But pirates who give importance to life conditions, not only food from time to time, such as candles and soaps to improve the conditions of daily life, the gold plundered priority. The emergence of many diseases as a result of these conditions is of course unavoidable.

Disease is the most common vitamin C deficiency is seen in the disease. When scurvy first starts, you will feel awkward, you will find strange sores in our bodies. and your gums begin to bleed. This process continues until all your teeth fall out. In later periods, the blood spurted out of the wounds and inflamed.

Let me try to explain a night that you can live under these conditions;

You’re lying on a damp, moldy board, you don’t see anything under a dangerous, dark deck. The most common sense of smell you feel … is a dense musty smell. suddenly you feel a wetness in your left hand. you think it’s sea water that probably leaked to the deck, but it sounds something else to you. Yes This Urine

Sometimes you feel a hairy thing that touches your arm, a mouse or a beard of the crew. 2 is not the end You probably hear the sound of urine coming from a remote source and hoping that someone did not die. Because if you were dead, a corpse problem would come out in the morning. Probably the sound of playing with the genitals of one of the crew.

In the meantime, the Pirates never saw their treasures as opposed to those shown in the films. Nearly every pirate has the money he has to spend on land as soon as he lands on it.

Because it is very unlikely that he will go ashore again. Although living without rules is the backbone of the pirates’ lifestyle, most pirates were not. First of all the pirates would have a rank in the crew. The crews warned the captain’s rules

Nevertheless, much of the history of piracy was made up of licensed pirates. It was called a licensed pirate to the mercenaries who were assigned by the governments to pillage enemy ships. Licensed piracy was so widespread and it was so high that almost every pirate was licensed until 1856, when it was banned by most nations. This is due to the fact that countries’ navies are weak and vulnerable to these dates.

In fact, there are things that we think are 100% real;



Knowing that the human eye took almost 20 minutes to get into the darkness of the darkness, the Pirates kept their eyes in the dark with an eye-band all the time, allowing their eyes to adapt much faster as they passed under the shining decks of darkness above the deck.





The hooks or wooden feet that were used in real time at the time when the commonly used rifle bullets came into the body along with a piece of fabric that took them along with the pirates.

In the absence of anesthetic drugs, pirates who knew that they would die because of the pain of their life and the spread of inflammation would have to cut their injured limbs. Placing a hook in place of the cut hand, placing a board in place of the cut foot was just the cool and frightening part of the work. Because mostly Pirates like to look like this, one of the reasons why they carry a parrot on their shoulders is that their wings can also work if this exotic-looking animal is well trained. Because their care is easier than a dog and they are not under the feet of chaos in the war or in the raging waves and they fly.


Piracy means literally the Killer and the thief who attack the ships in the seas and do not burn.

We can say that the history of maritime trade has begun with the development of ancient maritime history. The first pirates were the Phoenicians. During the 2000s, the Phoenicians in the Mediterranean Sea were involved in the maritime trade.

During the Roman Empire, a group of noble pirates ransacked Pompeii, the Roman emperor, who plundered a ship that contained Pompeii.

In the period between the end of the 8th century and the beginning of the 11th century, the Vikings marked their history with piracy activities. Her dark plundered her dragon-headed ships in Europe, and many times attacked the land from the sea rather than fighting in the high seas. They plundered small cities and especially churches.


Perhaps it was a licensed pirate at Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, the biggest sea in Turkish history. This sailor, whose real name was Khidr, was known by the Europeans as the barba rossa, which means Red beard in the Italian language. Khidr, after being saved in the sea and captured his brother imprisoned in rosos goes to Tunisia. And there he developed his navy day to day. At that time, they were victorious against the Spaniards who dominated the heights, and soon they dominated most of Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. During this period, Khidr, the sultan of the period by sending sultan Selime gifts indicate his commitment and takes the name of Barbaros. Barbaros, who struggled with Spanish for long periods of time, was declared captain-i Derya by the Sultan of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1533. Thus, Barbaros was known as a pirate of the Ottoman Empire until now, and after the decision of Kanuni, it started to serve the Ottoman Navy and Barbarossa, who dominated the Mediterranean from Italy with the power given by the Ottoman Empire, managed to attract the attention of the Vatican and the pope, the command of a Crusade on the sea.

The total number of colliding parties in Preveza in northwestern Greece was more than 120,000 according to Barbaros’ Log. Despite its small number, Barbaros made a Turkish lake in the Mediterranean Sea, winning only 400 martyrs and never sinking ships.


When he walked on the deck, even his own crew to fear, carrying 10 pieces of arms in his chest, the ring of women’s fingers that cut off the line of women’s trust, trust in anyone Did you know that no one trusts the great legend Karasakal’ın actually did piracy for only 2 years?

Blackbeard began as a licensed pirate and then turned into a bandit, the end came when ambushed by their own crew. But he was not the most successful pirate in the world.



Pirate Ching Shih (Zhèng)


Karasakal meets Madame Zhèng. He is the captain of more than 1,000 ships. on the contrary, they did not serve the government and acted according to their own desires. Following his husband’s death, he left power, and in a console set up with all the other Captains, he got the power to manage all the ships by speaking only. Let us express Mender Zhèng with the fear of his military discipline and direction;




Generals seized by governments to stop him deliberately sabotaged on ships, doing their best not to run into him.

He set up numerous secure offices for his crew in ports where his power was active. As he had established a state in his own name He was known independently from China by the overseas countries As for the AF by the Chinese government, madam Zhèng ended his career at the summit of his power and set foot on the ground by opening his own casino and general house.

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