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How to Tell People Lying?

What’s so interesting about real-life detective stories?

  • Reading Face
  • Guess
  • Find the Truth

Unless, of course, there is a serious situation, this is quite a fun game. What if some detective tips help you understand who the people around you really are? No! We’re not talking about lying everywhere, and we’re talking about making you feel like you’ve got superpowers. Here are five things that show you whether you are sincere or not;

Liars Are Avoiding Talking About Them!

Yes, indeed. They almost never talk about themselves. I’m sure you all remember the funny situation in your childhood when you broke your mother’s favorite cup. So what did you say? ”Mother’s favorite cup is broken, look at the place in the kitchen“!

Very nice. Because I was afraid of getting punished. It’s not even a crime to take. Isn’t it like some adults still act like that? We had to say that the cup was broken; Im Mummy accidentally broke your favorite cup. Şek This behavior is valid for everyone. Notice whether the person in question throws the crime into supernatural powers or other abstract objects. ”Mother, the bear entered the kitchen and broke the cup!“

The attitude of the liar is negative!

Liars can often be negative and pessimistic. Think about what the people who are late for work or an important meeting are saying. I’m sure they say; “I’m sorry, I’ll be late. A lot of people don’t know how to drive. I don’t blame it! Lar Do you know why they swear and blame everyone else? Completely psychological! Their negative attitude means they feel guilty in their subconscious for lying. Who would say that!

Liars’ Descriptions are as simple as possible!

Our brain is always ready to help. This also applies to those who are prepared to deceive others. Liars explain everything as simple as possible. Because their brains refuse to make a more complicated lie. Judgments or evaluations are complex things that are difficult to compute. Failure to pass the exam is a good example. We usually know that the exam is bad because we are not well prepared. Although it was quite simple to admit that I hadn’t worked and prepared enough, the lie often said in such a situation, af I don’t understand why I stayed! Ince.

The Method of Expression of Liars

Although their explanation is simple, the liars use a complicated and complex sentence structure to make their lies to be realistic. Maybe if we ask them, they’re not sure whether to tell the truth or they’re hiding something. Who knows! Beware of extremely complex sentences with unnecessary words. Liars like that in court. Imagine a situation where a potential accomplice tries to justify his testimony. If he is guilty, he will be defensive, negative and talkative. If he’s innocent, his story will be a good time with his wife and little dog. The other person will behave similarly. Be careful!

Liars A Very Ordinary Story Excessive Detail!

Explain the latest shopping. Eminem is something like this; I went to the store, got what I had to buy. Then I went home and watched my favorite TV show until midnight. Did you see? No excessive and unnecessary detail. But if it was a liar, it would have been completely different. Of course he left home and met his neighbor Mehmet. Then they talked for five minutes, then he stared across the road and saw a sky blue pickup. He thought someone was moving. Two bags of popcorn from the market, a bag of potatoes. On his way home he stopped for three minutes to smoke, and saw Ayşe, the girl of his pudgy, funny neighbor. He came home and after two hours of cooking, he ate his food and went to sleep. They believe that the more detailed the liars are, the more realistic their stories will be. But this is wrong. We don’t remember our automated and habitual behavior. We have a hint for this situation: if you suspect that you want to tell everything from the beginning. If this person is a liar, he will be trapped between unnecessary details he invented.


Finally; Eyes never lie. It’s as simple as that. Let’s say you’ve tried all the clues we’ve counted, and the result shows that the person is friendly. But you still can’t be sure. This could happen! Now, there is no other option but to monitor the eye movements of the person. Scientifically, when we lie, we’re unintentionally nervous. This causes our heartbeats to accelerate and our pupils grow. All you have to do is to ask the question that you expect the answer and follow his eye movements carefully while answering. Your answer is reserved in these movements. By the way; not only the growth of pupils, but also unable to make eye contact while talking shows that the person is lying.

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