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Methods of Reading People’s Mind

Over the years, scientists have solved many of the mysteries of our brains and uncovered the imperfection of our minds. Sometimes we do something weird and think, am What was the reason I had to do that? Was it sensible? Mant

In fact, there is always some logic, but it is usually hidden in certain aspects of your mind. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand what’s going on in your mind and use it in line with your interests. Here are the psychology clues that will help you to gain the trust of others who work at the subconscious level, get the approval of someone and relax when you get stressed. Read our article to the end and always ask why we want things that are impossible to reach and we behave in a certain way.

When a group of people laugh, someone who looks at him likes him a lot!

After a joke in the middle of an interesting discussion, everybody instinctively looks at the person he likes the most. The reason for this is that the person he is looking at wants to know if they like it and whether they have the same sense of humor. So if you want to know everything about a group of friends, prepare a few good jokes and watch everyone like a hawk. Your observations will be very surprising.


If people see their first price when evaluating something, it will serve as a fishing line even if the price is wrong. It is often used in stores. For example; you do not give 300 liras to a blouse while you are in your head. However, if you see that the first price is 1000 pounds, you think that the price is very reasonable, even if the actual price is completely invented.

We remember our memories in the form of small movies or video clips!

What lies on a shelf of our minds is reliable and unchangeable. But as it is revealed, the memories of past events change every time we pass by our eyes. They are affected by their contents, memory blackening, and more recent events. For example; When your whole family came together a few years ago, you might have trouble remembering everyone there. But since your aunt will not miss this kind of thing, your mind will add to your memory even if your mind is not there that day.

When you feel nervous, chew something!

You need to chew a chewing gum or eat something before you talk or something that makes you nervous. In 2011, Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry revealed that the chewing movement greatly reduced anxious feelings. The thing is, Nobody eats anything in danger, so when you chew, your brain thinks you’re comfortable and safe. It is sending signals that reduce tension and allow you to relax. In short, you are fooling your mind. The same study of the University of Tokyo explains that some of the Mayans and Greeks who violated pine gum were less nervous than those without this habit.

Don’t deflect the results!

We generally judge the accuracy of the result; it’s not what it’s meant to be. This effect is often used only by ads that let you focus on a single result, such as buying. So if you’re using a new iPhone right now, you can’t tell it’s right to put all your money in it.

Long looks help you get the information you want!

If you don’t like the answer given or if you think they don’t tell you the whole story, just keep looking at them. In this case, the silence will be so intolerable that they will give you the information you want just to end it. After all, the purpose of looking is not to convince. Try it on and see if it works!

The paradox of choice!

According to the selection paradox, the more options, the less likely you are to be happy with what you choose. Remember, you received something, and then you’ll regret it, just because you can get it from a discount or you can find another model. Even if our final decision is the best choice, we may be unhappy. Because the options are too much.

Imagine that you are in an airport and that you have to take your luggage!

In ten minutes you will arrive at the luggage department and receive your luggage immediately. Well … now it’s different. You’ve found a short way to go to the luggage compartment in just two minutes. This time you’ll spend eight minutes waiting for your suitcase. Either way, getting your suitcase won’t hold for more than ten minutes, but in the second scenario you’ll probably be more impatient and dissatisfied. That’s because our brains want to be busy because they don’t like to be empty. For each completed task, it rewards us with dopamine, the happiness hormone.

Imagine that your future boss is a close friend!

Imagine that you are a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, so you don’t get stressed in an oral exam or an interview. This will allow you to relax in a very short time and you will be able to answer the questions more easily. Another point to remember is to think that the interviewer is as tense as you are. How can you know, perhaps it is his first recruitment interview or if a teacher is his first test. And if you smile, not only feel safe, but also relax.

The error of clustering!

This error is defined as the tendency to see a certain order in coincidences. Especially for gamblers and those who like divine signs. Both of them misinterpret events.

According to research, our brain cannot store more than 3-4 pieces of information at the same time!

In addition, this information can only be maintained for 20-30 seconds. After this time, if we do not renew again in our memory we forget. For example; Let’s say you’re on the phone while driving. The person you are talking to gives you a number, but because you can’t write it, you try to memorize it, and you keep repeating the number so that you can keep it in your memory for a short time.

If you work in a place where you’ve seen people like box office, put a mirror behind.!

You’ll be amazed at how polite people are and how they compromise you in the middle. That’s because nobody likes to see him in angry or angry way. Isn’t it wonderful?

Pratfall effect!

Imagine a couple walking down the street and think one of them hit the pole. It is unlikely that the other one is ihtimali stupid Diğer. On the contrary, the multiplier will find the person more charming. The reason for this is that excellence is repulsive, mistakes are attractive and makes us more human. That’s why you don’t have to be very upset when people make mistakes.

Our brain constantly processes the information it receives through our sensory organs!

Analyzes the images and interprets them as we can. For example; the reason we can read a text quickly is because we don’t actually read it. We only see the first and last letters of each word and we instinctively fill in the rest based on our past experience.

If you think someone is looking at you, just stretch!

Strange, though stretching is infectious like the flu. Humans and chimpanzees yawn when they see someone yawning, or thinking about stretching. While some individuals were less affected by the stretch of others, Duke University’s study with 328 participants also stretched out 222 people watching stretching human videos. So, next time you think someone’s watching you, just stretch and try to understand who is looking around.

Krushevo effect!

After the viewer has seen two frames that have nothing to do with each other, it is called the crusevo effect to make a logical connection between the two unconsciously. Krusevo created a short film with images of a man’s facial expressions taken on different images. The viewers thought these expressions were different each time after looking at the soup, the dead girl or the woman in the couch. But his face was the same every time. This effect is common not only for the directors but also for the marketers who can associate a particular product with a particular character.

Imagine you’re working on an important document at work!

Suddenly you notice that you read the same sentence three times in a row. Instead of analyzing the text, your mind is gone. Scientists from the University of California say that we spend 30% of our lives thinking, dreaming, every day. Sometimes, for example, on long trips, this rate rises up to 70%. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Research shows that people are more creative in their minds. They are also very good at solving problems and getting rid of stress.

Snackman effect!

If you want to end a fight, get something to eat and stop between the people who fight. In psychology this effect is called man Snackman Effect Psik. Really! Story; One day, it’s based on a fight that broke out in the New York subway. She starts attacking a man who claims to have been following her. A man enters his memories in the middle of a fight. The man is waiting for a fight with Pringles in his hands. Miraculously, the fighters are calm and the environment is peaceful. The man who saved the day; It’s called Snackman and it’s an Internet phenomenon. There is a simple psychological explanation of what happened that day; Something to eat is linked to rest and calm. It is very unlikely that someone will attack someone who eats something. And this ensures that the conflict ends in a short time.

Negative body!

Negative body, the person to think of itself as ugly and life is therefore a situation to think that sucks. All his life is full of failures. Most of these people are attractive, and the problem is actually lack of self-confidence, rather than real flaws.

Have you ever wondered why people were looking at traffic accidents?

People who watch an incident without interference, find what they see as pathetic and continue to look. This curiosity is triggered by the name of the ancient brain, the department responsible for survival. Its function is to look for three questions and answers by constantly looking out for the environment. Can I eat this? Can I mate with that? Will it kill me? In fact, there is a fourth reason; Can I get this on a discount? Food, sex and danger are still the basis of our survival drive. Therefore, we cannot take care of them.

If you want to get rid of something, all you have to do is give him that thing while you’re talking to someone!

Imagine if you’re going home with boxes or collecting stuff. If you need help but no one is helping, just tell someone nearby that you are curious about something personal. When answering your question and sorting new thoughts, the person will connect all other movements to the automatic. In this case, the person you are talking to will take without thinking.

Survival bias

Usually we only judge a situation by successful people, the survivors. So we know only one side. For example; we are jealous of someone who is rich by selling the sign light, but we do not know what failed. You should always look at things from different angles.

If you want to be friends with someone, ask them to do you a favor!

It doesn’t have to be a very big thing, it’s just a simple thing da You can extend the ketchup, it can be a napkin or a paper. The person who did you a favor will think that he likes you for doing something for you. A woman says; I once didn’t like a man who wanted 20 liras of money. And then I thought that you saw me as this close, even as a friend, and I helped. And then I started liking him.

Difficult to reach effect!

Roughly speaking, the more difficult it is to reach something, the more attractive it is. If we look at this from a human perspective; people with closed, high status, ”who knows what, are always more attractive than others.

We tend to believe that all our movements are the result of careful planning!

But in fact, we make 60% and 80% of our daily decisions as reflexes. OK! It’s getting a little disturbing. So we don’t think about doing these things, just do it. Every second, our brains are taking millions of data units. To prevent fatigue, he unconsciously does things. We do without thinking about throwing the key in our pocket, turning off the lights, massaging the door. On the negative side; this often causes suspicion. For example; We’ll come to the office and then we’ll be wondering if we can unplug the iron.

Set important calls to the beginning or end of the day!

People remember the best things at the beginning and end of the day. Other things during the day are blurry. If you have a job interview, try to be the first or last contact person. The other thing is; is to allow candidates to participate in an interesting time of the day, in odd times. This is called the ”Swiss Train Approach Buna. When someone sees the time in the plan 09.22- 09.46, he will be there in time and things go well with the plan.

Fear of beauty!

Have you ever noticed that ordinary people are sitting next to nice people? (For example, on public transport) If they sit, they do this because there is no other room. In fact, some people are over-stretched when they meet nice people. Excitement, fear of control in their movement, the need to close their faces and fear of comparison. Such stress does not occur when you are with an ordinary person.

Be careful where your feet are pointing!

People’s feet reveal their true interest in speaking. If you get close to them and they don’t get back to you with their feet, just with their upper body, talking to you isn’t good for you. Also if the tip of his feet are looking in different directions, they want to get away from there as fast as possible or maybe they have had hip surgery and the doctor ruined things. OK! Probably not, but let’s say it anyway.

According to research, we can only focus on one movement!

Try to read something while talking or write something while listening to audiobooks. Probably the result will not be good. Because our brain cannot focus on two independent tasks. But there are some exceptions. If the second movement is a purely physical movement that we do daily, then we can perform both tasks. For example; you can talk by phone while walking. But even then you can forget what it is and hit someone.

Imitating the person’s body language can help you gain confidence!

If you imitate your gestures, stance or little ones, you will earn their trust. The person does not notice consciously that you see him because of the same sounds, and let’s be honest, most people love him. The important thing is not to do this very often. For example; Do not do the same if their noses are mixed. A little right, please! It also helps you shake your head and let the other person know that you are listening to him. Smile to the good news they tell and look at the bad events with your eyebrows. Another thing that will help you gain trust is; is a sincere smile. When you laugh inside, your mood will heal and people feel the heat that you spread around you.

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