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Mona Lisa Secrets In Details

Years ago, a man drew a picture. This is a picture that was not ordinary, full of secrets … This was just a picture at that time, but now it’s much more than that bir

Who is this Mona Lisa?

What age did she live in? What is hidden behind his enigmatic smile?
We’ll come to this, but would it be unnecessary to exaggerate Mona Lisa?
Some look at the table and only a woman says in the job. Some also think that the artwork of the picture is not just a picture of women, it becomes an art. Because Mona Lisa is moved to different studios and completed in 16 years with fine details, using the Golden Ratio and played twice in 500 years and once destroyed by acid. That’s what makes me unique. It’s not just that that makes it unique Onu
This was Leonardo’s greatest summary of his painting skills. Da Vinci, who has made less than 20 paintings throughout his life, is said to have kept some secrets, as in the last dinner table. What makes us think of it is the encryption that it uses in its notebooks and in its work.

Leonardo would have written backwards to make his writings difficult to read and read. In addition, before the very important notes, some of the strings will be arranged in a mixed way, they will organize their parts and the parts they want to know. So I would have made a simple encryption. Looking at all this, you might call it paranoid, but maybe it had to do it Tüm


Researcher Stevenson and his team created an ultra-resolution copy of the painting and examined it for days. As a result, one day they noticed something on the right-hand side just below the Duran bridge.
When they clarified a little, they saw a number.
7 and 2 numbers…
The team, who continued to study the picture, came across the lines of Mona Lisa, which were faint when they approached their eyes. When they looked more clearly, they found the letter L in the right eye and the letter S in the left eye.

Should These Have a Meaning?

They find a small town called Bobbio in Italy when they examine whether the view behind Mona Lisa is real or not. Leonardo is clearly known to have come here before. When you look at the town from a medieval castle, there are very similar sides to the back view. Curved river, high hills and stone bridge located on the right side by us.

The events began to be interesting in the flood of the bridge in 1472, the massive destruction of the bridge as a result of the massive destruction of the bridge is restored, the number of the resulting 72 makes meaningful. This is exactly the period of Leonardo. Did Leonardo deliberately set this number or was it just a coincidence? It is not known why he added this, but Leonardo Da Vinc is known to have a meaning in everything he has drawn or added.

The “L” in the eyes could mean Leonardo, but the letter “S”?


We had to do some research about Leonardo’s life to find out. Leonardo, on the other hand, would take the nickname, olan Salai, lar the ında Little Satan olan by Leonardo Da Vinci, for his misbehavior and misconduct at a young age of 15 years, when Gian Giacomo Oreno, the child of a poor family, who had taken him with him to the 10’s.

According to most people, Salai was the inspiration for Da Vinci’s drawings, his apprentice, his lover, perhaps three of them. Could Leonardo be in a relationship with him, reflecting Salai on several tables?



We do not know the purpose of the drawing, but the portrait of Salai’s one-on-one could have interesting secrets and as it was thought. Compared to Table of Mona Lisa, the nose, chin, facial features and smile are incredibly similar.

Could this be a coincidence?
Leonardo depicts the name of Mona Lisa, whom we never heard of, and whose family we’ve never heard of, and whose family we don’t know for sure?

The answer is; Although Leonardo didn’t care for the first apprentice he took with him, he later realized the harmony between them and they became lovers in later years. Knowing this would cost their lives. Because at that time, the punishment of gay relationship was executed. Leonardo and Salai had to keep it for life and it was. But Salai wanted to know from Leonardo that he was the only asset. Maybe Leonardo wanted his own. It was not possible to do so, but only one way! Salai’yi another name and the most perfect way to draw the face. For this reason, he carried the painting constantly and continued secretly in many studios for 16 years. It must have been perfect. The nose, face lines should all be similar but should not be recognized.

He made changes in some places and was able to complete this picture he worked diligently. His name wasn’t Salai, he was the one who knew his nickname. Instead she renamed Mon Sally to Mona Lisa, meaning my little demon.

It means Mon. This is how Leonardo concealed the great secret that would cost him his life in the painting of Mona Lisa. The letter “S” in his eye had also gained meaning.

Although this may seem like a conspiracy theory, the fact is that when the parts are merged, the reality seems to be the case. That’s not the secrets that are supposed to hide in the table.

Leonardo’s last dinner table, bread and hands with a note that matches the meaning of an unresolved melody emerges.

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