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Simple Movements in Emergency Situations

Simple Movements in Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency, our friends or family advice comes to mind first, but sometimes the most common and widespread information can be even wrong and harmful.


First of all, do not do anything if you have an object, such as a piece of glass. Have someone take you to the hospital. Don’t forget to wash your hands before touching only one eyelash in your eye.

Locate the lash by looking into the mirror.

Blink your eyes to remove our eyelids.

When the eyelashes come to the corner of your eye, remove the eyelash with a wet cloth.


Creams cause excessive moistening of the area we are driving. This is the most suitable medium for faster growth of bacteria. The best thing you can do is clean the wound with cold water and soap and wrap it in a dry bandage. You will see your wound healed more quickly.


Vinegar and alcohol are absorbed into the blood. In other words, a kind of drunkenness olur joking aside, the vinegar acid level increases significantly, which is especially dangerous for children. With alcohol, it can create a feeling of drunkenness. In short, do not believe these outdated suggestions. Drink plenty of water tea and other soft drinks. Reduce the room temperature to 16 to 18 degrees. Under these conditions, the patient’s fever will fall on its own. If not, the patient should see a doctor.


When you see someone who faints, you should take it off and pour cold water on it, right? Most people think that. Lifting a unconscious person will only make it worse. All you have to do is to lift your legs up to loosen the clothes and not let him stand up until he clenches. Do not let too many people drink their favorite coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine causes water loss.


Because it reduces pain, many people believe that this method works. So why not burn the butter and yogurt rides on you. Because we keep them in the fridge and they are cold when we apply the burn. The danger here is that butter or yogurt can dry your skin and disrupt the heat exchange. This results in the heat that cannot be found in the skin, leading to the depths of the skin and causing it more harm. What you need to do is to keep your hands under cold water for 15 minutes. This will reduce the pain.

Do you know why there are water bubbles in the burned skin?

Everything in our body occurs for a reason. Water bubbles protect the skin from infection. Eliminating this protective layer can cause unsealed wounds.


Are you a specialist trauma surgeon? If you’re not, you should never try to put a dislocated joint into position, even though it may seem ruthless or cool in movies. This can cause further injury. The best thing you can do is fix a damaged limb and go to a hospital as quickly as possible. Just wrap around the 2 joints that are closest to him, not the joint likely to be cracked.


A hot diaper has no use when your muscles are twisted. On the contrary, hot application increases blood flow and causes more swelling of the area. Apply cold for a few days after sprain and this will reduce burns and pain. Try to use the sprained joint as little as possible at least the first 48 hours.


Vomiting is a common recommendation in cases of intoxication. Although it seems logical, this should not be done. First of all, poison can escape your lungs and cause damage. Two questions are doubled by the likelihood of burning the throat if someone is experiencing chemical poisoning. Finally, once you puke, it can be very difficult to stop. This can cause water loss and more serious problems. the most intelligent thing you can do in such situations is to call an ambulance without wasting time.


The biggest obstacle to saving a drowning person is not knowing how to swim. But if you know swimming, nothing can stop you from having this person. Don’t forget to approach the drowning from behind so that he does not notice you. Otherwise, the person may make your work difficult or panic and you can take to the bottom with you. After reaching the drowning person, grasp the armpits or chin and pull the head to the abdomen and pull it to the shore.


You can pull out a splinter or a piece of glass from your finger. But you should never remove objects from serious wounds. Even doctors do not remove these objects until the patient is taken into surgery. Because the body does not let the bleeding begin when it is inside the wound. Don’t do anything until you get a specialist. Even the only thing you can do not touch it is to put a little alcohol on it, but you should be prepared to burn. A knife stuck in your leg may seem terrible, but don’t try to be a hero and go to the nearest health facility immediately.


In fact, there is no harm in treating bruises with ice. But most people do it the wrong way. If you do not want to experience cold burning, you should apply ice directly to your skin. Instead, place a cloth between the ice bag and your skin. However, using a cloth does not completely eliminate the risk of burning. So you should apply the ice for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time and then wait for 90 minutes. If you did not find any diapers to use for any reason, do not apply ice. Believe us, you’d rather have bruises than cold burns.


Sewing is not wrong. In most cases it is the only way to close a wound. However, stitching is a long and painful process involving the removal of stitches after the wound heals. So in some cases, a less brutal method of skin glue can see your work. Applying skin glue is fast and painless. Before applying the adhesive, rinse the wound with cold water and then press the wound to stop the bleeding. Apply the adhesive by combining the wound ends. Do not risk if your injury is too wide, go to a hospital immediately to get an expert help.


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