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The First Female Lesbian in History Sappho

Men are homosexual homosexual homosexual lesbian as well as women are forbidden. So it is forbidden for any woman to touch and look with lust.

Women, women to look and touch with lust, her husband, regardless of male and female, no one is able to decorate strangers.

The hadiths stated that the apocalypse would not be broken unless the man approached men or women, and stated that this was a great sin.


Sappho is one of the first female poets known in history, and is also the first known lesbians. Few few details about the relationship with a woman in his poems have been known. In all of his poems, he recites the beauty with all his forms and writes love poems against both sexes. So it is said that the model is based on Sappho at the origin of the word lesbian. Sappho is often described as lesbian or we are lesbos.In addition there are gay connotations in the word safic, Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez have been the first lesbian couple to marry the world. officially married.

In ancient Chinese poetry and stories, lesbian relationships are found, but the details in the literary works referring to male homosexuality are not included. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are also punished with homosexuality, whip and death. The law prohibiting lesbian behavior in Iran is still in force.

Nisa Suresi 15. Ayeti;

Bring four witnesses from your women against those who are in an ugly act. If they testify, imprison those women in the houses until they take death, or when Allah gives them a way.

In this verse, the word prostitute has been interpreted as lesbianism, especially by some of the commentators in some modern period. In many hadiths, our Prophet has avoided lesbianism. In a hadith, the lesbian relationship is considered as adultery.

Among other women, such as zina. Zina is like haram. Lesbianism and Gay relations in another hadith show as one of the portents of the Judgment. For the continuation of human generation, man and woman, but they have created a condition for their unification. What is this; The marriage contract, in the presence of Muslim witnesses, declares that two opposite sexes accept each other as spouses. Allah has counted adultery and closed the Paths outside of it. Zina is one of the great sins. Allah says not to mind.

This is the issue of homosexuality lesbianism in the creation of Allah, contrary to the law, abnormal, cibilliyet, disorganization of the normal character of male, female, even if they are very large haram, even adultery, even if they do this is a normal union. But the homosexuality of lesbianism that tries to destroy the human generation that is the human descendant, is also worse than adultery.

Therefore Allah had great wrath on the people of Lot.

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