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Unfolding Mysterious Doors

We cannot open a door with technology in our time. However, more than technology is needed to open these doors. You ask why? Let’s call these doors together, hiding behind the great Mysteries.



The Padmanabhaswamy temple is located in the Kerala region of India. The temple, built in the 16th century, shines like gold because of the special yellow paint used. The temple was built on 6 large-scale, much older ones, and has been closed since. A few years ago, the government allowed the opening of five cellar doors. The whole world was eagerly awaiting what was behind these mysterious gates. When the doors opened, it was worth the wait. The cellars were filled with gold and jewels to the brim. Gold belts, diamonds, varieties of precious stones ler

The treasure found is worth about 1 trillion dollars. There were 6 doors in total, but only 5 of them were opened. So why…

Because the 6th door is believed to be Cursed. They believe that if the door opens before the spell breaks, the people who try it, and even all India, will be cursed. The door is different from the others, does not have an opening handle and is decorated with snake motifs. To be opened, the spell must be broken by an Indian monk. But the problem is here … because the experience that can break this ancient spell is not a monk living in the world, and the door remains closed with all its mystery behind.



There is a room in the bensinpris hotel in Canada with a door sealed due to some strange events, room 873 Kanada

Staff and guests were making a lot of strange complaints about this room. Ghosts were mentioned. A small boy carrying a suitcase and a hotel clerk and a bride reported what they saw. The Ghost Bride Story dates back to a big fire in 1920. The bride runs away from the fire on her wedding day, falls down the stairs and dies, breaking her neck. Before he died, he was staying in room 873, while others in the room had previously told themselves that they were pushing out of bed at night. The cleaners said that there were traces of the child’s hand on the wall of the room, and that they had reappeared the next day even though they had cleaned them. Hotel management Bored of all these complaints and locked the door of room 873. He was hiding his wallpaper. You can still find the door in the hallway, but you can’t go in.



the first Chinese Emperor, the monumental tomb of qin shi huang di, is one of the largest archaeological finds in the world. Here is a great Army of Earth statues. There are dozens of 8000 soldier soldiers and a statue of weapons. The grave made before 210 BC is full of unexplained Mystery.

One of them is the burial chamber belonging to the Emperor. The grave cannot be opened, there are two reasons. First, it is very dangerous. According to archaeologists, there are booby traps and mercury-filled ponds behind the door where sensitive arrows are attached. the second one needs to open the door very precisely without shaking. Because the monumental tomb made of clay is quite fragile. For this reason, a Shake when the door is opened may cause the entire grave to disappear. Who knows, maybe this huge earth-dwelling army, waiting for the door, is still protecting the spirit of its emperors. Of course, technology will find a way to open the door in the near future, but when it opens, it is doubtful what mankind will face.



Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and is one of the world heritage sites. The story is as impressive as its own. The Taj Mahal was built in the name of Mumtaz Mahal, his beloved wife who died in 1632 at the time when the 14th child was born. It took 20 years to finish, 20,000 workers and 1,000 pieces of elephants in the construction. Inside the structure, which is seen as a symbol of true love, there are many doors locked in the Shah Jahan period and closed with marble. The government says these doors will never open. So why…

There are many theories on this subject. Some people think that those who are behind these gates to the burial chamber should not be disturbed. Some say that these sections were not built by Shah Jahan and belonged to a Hindu temple. Since it is forbidden to open, we are only able to predict the truth and hiding behind the doors. The mystery Anyway, we will not be able to learn in the near future.



The great pyramid in Egypt is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Also known as Kufu or Cheops pyramid with other names. B.C. The pyramid built in 2560 has many secrets that are still unexplained today. One of them is a 30 meter long gap discovered in 2017. This area is not connected anywhere and there is a single corridor extending to it, which is closed with a small stone cover with copper handles over the entrance opening into this cavity. A machine used by search and rescue teams was placed in the corridor through a small hole and the lid was pierced. When the cameras looked through the hole, they thought they would reach the mysterious cavity, but a new stone block came up against them and it was impossible to pierce it because of its thickness. The block with several hieroglyphs was perhaps a warning. Archaeologists are completely independent of the King’s rooms. This mysterious space, whose door we cannot open yet, is hiding the secret of the pyramids.

If you have one right, you would like to open these doors.

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