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Vitruvian Man With Secrets

The Vitruvian Man from Leonardo’s sketches was one of the most famous symbols of the Renaissance. But why? Why is this so famous when it is supposed to be a simple fountain pen drawing?


First of all it is not a simple fountain pen drawing of course. This question was answered with a math problem. When calculating the area of ​​the circle, we take the pi number and multiply it by the square of the radius. At the same time, we can calculate the area of ​​the square by multiplying the side length to itself. So how can we create a square with the same area?

This is the first time in the antique world, often called, the square of the circle antik is a problem. Like many other ideas of the ancient world, it has come to life again during the Renaissance period. This sketch, which was influenced by the works of the Roman architect Marcus Viitruvius, places the man in the middle of a circle and square. Vitruvius claims that the core is the center of the human body, and that when a compass is placed at the fixed point of the hub, the body can be drawn in a circle that is completely translated. He also realized that the wrist width and neck in the human body were close to perfection, so that a body could be fully inserted into the frame.

Leonardo used man as the domain of both forms to resolve the issue of the frame’s frame, which contained his ideas. But Leonardo wasn’t content with that. At that time, there was an idea flow in Italy called fik platonism O. This trend was also discussed by Plato and Aristotle, a former view of the 4th century called the asset chain. This idea was to believe that there was a chain-like hierarchy in the universe.


The chain starts with God on top. Angels, planets, stars and all living things come down before the devil and the demons respectively. Prior to this philosophical thought, man was believed to be in the middle of this chain. Since man has a mortal body accompanied by an immortal soul, we humans know the universe in a subtle way. But at the time, when Leonardo drew out his Vitruvian Man, a new platon player called Pico Della Mirandola had a different outlook. He unearthed humanity and claimed that man had a unique ability to achieve the degree he wanted. Pico claimed that the creator desired a beautiful and glazed universe, an entity that could comprehend it. This desire led to the creation of man, who was capable of acting as he wished, placed in the center of the universe.

According to Pico, man could go down on the chain and become a monster, or rise in the chain. And it was all people’s own choices.

Turning back to the drawing, we can see that when the human being is replaced, it can cover the incompatible areas of the circle and square. If geometry is a language in which the universe is written, this sketch is nothing more than to say that we can exist in all its elements. Human beings can take any form they want in geometrical and philosophical terms. In this sketch, Leonardo was able to bring together the art of mathematics, religion, philosophy, architecture and the era.

As a result of all this, the fact that it is the symbol of an entire period is more evident than many historical events should not be overlooked.

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